reSILLYence – bringing the silly back

I had a friend who saw things differently.  She was quirky, freakishly insightful and intelligent.  She never let what other thought of her and her ideas deter her from saying what she needed to say.  I admired her for it.  I was also constantly scared for her and the loneliness that is brought about by understanding things long before others do.

She is on the other side of the world now, still going in her own unique brilliance.  I don’t talk to her much but I desperately want to reach out to her and ask how she does it.  How does she always bounce back?

I remember all the crazy times we had together and how we laughed.  Not just laughed, full-blown giggle, chuckle, snorting I’m gonna pee my pants laughed.  And I realised that’s how she does it, she laughs and more importantly she makes others around her laugh.

She has reSILLYence.

I’m still weaving my way through interviews. training and evaluations on my pathway to being an emergency communicator.  One of the key assessments is personal resilience.  I dread this question because I’m secretly scared that I am weak, sensitive and vulnerable.  But as the dictionary reminded me, resilience isn’t about what gets you down it is about how you bounce back.

This week as office politics, preparation for exams, uncertainty in where my career is going, failing to make $50 magically turn into $100, uncomfortable medical procedures and finally accepting that eating chocolate is not going to help me lose weight got me a little overwhelmed I made a decision.

I’m bringing the SILLY back.

First step – living the Pina Colada song

Really liking Pina Coladas

and getting caught in the rain

Second step…getting a little punch drunk with Ntegrity (yes this is a shameless pun/plug for my awesome friend and boxing partner’s aptly named business)

Yep I have flames on my gloves.

Third step…jump for joy when ever and where ever you can

Jump for Joy

Forth step…YOU

Help bring the SILLY back and gives us all a little boost in our reSILLYence.  Tell us what silly little things you do in your day to laugh and bring a smile to the faces around you.




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6 responses to “reSILLYence – bringing the silly back

  1. Katie

    I bought a Mr Snuffleupagus teddy for a friend’s new baby today. The reSILLYence bit is that I couldn’t help buying one for me too! 🙂 Brilliant blog Tan, and a great attitude …

  2. Mr Snuffleupagus is AWESOME. Thanks for reading and commenting Katie. Keep up the reSILLYence 🙂

  3. Melbourne Cup day tomorrow in this part of the world is always an opportunity for SILLY. One place I worked traditionally had a spring hat competition – originality scored higher than elegance!

  4. Thanks for the plug Tanya! I love getting punch drunk with you too 🙂

  5. Paul

    Great stuff, Tanya. Resilience is so important but there is little practical information about what we can do to build it. I am going to share with my team.

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